A good design transcends product category, and striking proof of that is on display at DWD. Every concept is literally born from an idea. Design models are deftly created by in-house artist.

Our designs have revolutionized how customers interact with brands, their products and their offerings. We offers brands a unique opportunity to add value of personalization to the user-brand experience, And they do.

We work closely with our clients to develop their concepts and ideas into fruitful and value-driven approaches which allows us to create designs that have exceptional personal value for users.


By breathing a sense of life into the form of printed products, DWD infused them with the sense of pride that have earned us many accolades. An effective business presence is a critical component of any company’s brand strategy. First impression is a lasting impression, we’ve heard it before. Customers form their first impressions about a brand and make the decision to interact with the brand upon viewing you products.

We specialize in development & printing on the world’s leading platforms crafted with the brand and user experience in mind.


Social Media is an effective mechanism to reach and engage with targeted audiences.  Our social solutions are well thought-out with digital strategies based on your business goals. The brand’s positioning, value & audience insights, the business goals and competitor analysis are all a common practices at DWD.

Get the most out of your online presence. The solutions that we provide in order to manage Social Media in the most effective way will help generate the best results for your brand. We specialize in developing digital strategies for companies and translating those into popular content management on our social platforms.


31 Designs, a design for everyday of the Month. DWD makes is easy and affordable to get quality social media graphics. When purchased in a bundle you won’t pay more than $6.42 per design.

Visual content will help establish your online identity. Choose from our library of professionally designed layouts for Facebook, LinkedIn Twitter, google+, Pinterest, Instagram and more. developing strategies and creating content that catches audience attention, and reaching the right audience at the right time is a crucial element in determining the success or failure of your digital strategy.

With 31 social media designs we are able to increase valuable social engagement for brands to get the most out of its online presence. The solutions that we provide in order to manage Social Media in the most effective way will help generate the best results for your brand.

We will create 31 designs, one for every day of the month. This way you will have something to post online for 31 days.


The soul of Motion designed in the form of a digital flyer, emulates the elegance and power of a movie that captures your immediate attention. Animation is a fundamentally different way of telling the story. Your brand requires a group of designers that has a knack for transforming your brand message and identity into a tangible and visually compelling narrative, another expression of creativity found in the balance between form and function. We have customized concept in 2D and 3D with motion graphics or animation. From high quality production values to excellent design, we strive to deliver content that exceeds expectations while we see the production right through to the final stage of delivery.

 Interactive infographics, typography, as well as live action elements together can unfold a memorable visual narrative of your brand in a manner that conveys message to the potential clients.

We work with reputed and established platforms such as:

  •  Kenny’s Ribs
  •  Black Women’s Expo
  •  Harolds Chicken
  • Wells Fargo Wells Fargo
  • Luster Hair Care Luster Hair Care
  •  Chicago Mass Choir