no imageKui, chief designer. She’s always finding a better way or designing a better experience.  She’s strong with a creative vision and a plan to bring it to life.  From a blank slate she makes ideas happen. Kui is a dreamer and a doer. Even though the word ‘designer’ sounds attractive, the work itself is arduous and I try never to take it home with me, but… says Kui. I implement design with reason and functionality and I intentionally keep my space small and things simple to give them my very best. Her design philosophy. Work for money design for love

BJBJ He brings incredible skill, hard work and detail to every website he builds. Although he never wanted to become a designer, he’s a web developer who thinks as a designer. Which means he is was probably influenced by this environment here at DWD  I always knew that I wanted to be a creator of some sort.  Applying my own unique vision to our projects, gives the most personalized service. I streamline communication with our clients but most importantly, handle quality control. I’m the person that you will tell about your project. His design philosophy. Design the life you love.

MJMJ There’s something about design that just hits me. A design is more than just a means of introduction it’s all about bringing life to the very form of a printing need.  In the beginning my work reflect the trends for the simple and functional, quiet and sleek design. Recent years I have been breaking away from that and representing the more emotional brands that are dynamic and full of creativity of.  Assigned with the role of designing, my design philosophy is… Have no fear of perfection — you’ll never reach it.